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Betia Pera Pera English Adventure for Nintendo Switch

betia pera pera english adventure series physical retail release asia english mutli-language nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comFilled with people living in peace, Betia is a world in which everyone is made out of energy generated from enjoyable English conversation.
One day, the Devilmon suddenly appears and takes the English away.
This is terrible.
It threatens to leave Betia without energy!
While searching country and city for a variety of items, from food to toys to music, you have to speak, listen to, and write English to bring it back to this world.

Betia Pera Pera English Adventure is an immersion-type Interactive English conversation learning game in which users encounter battles and collect items by communicating with the characters of the game by listening, speaking, and writing, learning the correct pronunciation, and daily conversation as they play.

Equipped with a unique voice recognition engine, this title enables users who struggle with English, and complete beginners, to use a microphone connected to Nintendo Switch to increase their English communication ability through the game.

With more than 300 characters and more than 480 stories, there’s enough content for users to enjoy playing an hour a day for a year.

Note: A USB microphone or headset is required to play this game.


Release date
April 29th, 2022

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