Blazing Chrome | PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Blazing Chrome for PlayStation 4Nintendo Switch

blazing chrome collectors edition physical retail release pix n love playstation 4 nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comAcclaimed upon release of its digital version, the action game Blazing Chrome comes in physical version on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

Homage paid to the run n’ gun games of the 1990s, filled with nods and references to the great hits of the era, Blazing Chrome offers you an atypical gaming experience that feels like travelling back in time.

There are Standard Editions of the game which are Pix’n Love Store exclusive!

And there are Collector’s Editions come with:

  • the game (region free)
  • an exclusive cardboard sleeve with metallic pantone
  • a numbered certificate of authenticity numbered at 1000 copies
  • a 64-page art book featuring an exclusive interview with the developers
  • the original soundtrack on two CDs
  • three double-sided lithographs

Availability / Price
Collector’s Edition PS4: 500 / 59.90 €
Collector’s Edition Switch: 1.000 / 59.90 €
Standard Edition PS4: open pre-order / 34.90 €
Standard Edition Switch: open pre-order / 34.90 €

opened: November 8th, 2021 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET

Want the game? (see pre-order date)
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