Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute | PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute
PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

cotton guardian force saturn tribute physical retail release asia english multi-language success city connection playstation 4 nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comCotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute is a collection of three Cotton games that were released back in the ’90s for Sega Saturn.
Players all around the globe can experience and enjoy this collection because of its English language support!
Are you ready to meet all your enemies and take them down into pieces in this shoot ’em up collection?

This shoot ’em up collection includes the following titles:

Cotton 2 (released in 1997)
Cotton 2 introduces Cotton’s rival Appli, the story this time deals with the disappearance of the magic “Bluewater Willow” from the Kingdom’s treasury. Cotton and Appli must now search the lands for the magic willow battling all the enemies they encounter in the way before it’s too late.

Cotton Boomerang (released in 1998)
Cotton Boomerang is a horizontal shoot-’em-up that is part of the Cotton series games. Rather than an all-new entry into the series, it is a remixed version of Cotton 2, featuring more characters, recoloured tiles, altered stage layouts, etc.

Guardian Force (released in 1998)
Guardian Force is a side-scrolling shooter game, the player must find the fortress and destroy the Guardian dictators after it is invaded by evil forces. Fighting enemies with a variety of weapons of power-ups.

There is a Special Edition for both systems which comes with:

  • the game (region free)
  • reprint instruction card
  • booklet
  • soundtrack CD

Standard: ~$45.99
Special: ~$75.99

Release date
September 30th, 2021

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