Hyper Light Drifter [Special Edition] | Nintendo Switch

Hyper Light Drifter [Special Edition] for Nintendo Switch

hyper light drifter special edition abylight limited run games nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comEchoes of a dark and violent past resonate throughout a savage land, steeped in treasure and blood.

Hyper Light Drifter is an action-adventure RPG in the vein of the best 16­bit classics, with modernized mechanics and designs on a much grander scale.

This Special Edition comes with

  • physical game (region free)
  • full-colour game manual
  • reversible cover
  • lenticular Rosetta card
  • sticker
  • companion keychain
  • poster
  • full original soundtrack on 2 physical CDs

Collectors’ Note
This release is not a part of the Limited Run Games Collection and is not a numbered release.
LRG is distributing this title on behalf of Abylightl.
Missing out on this release will not compromise a complete Limited Run set.

Availability / Price
open pre-order for a limited time / $59.99

Pre-order window
opens: December 8th, 2020
closes: TBD

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