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Tamashii for PlayStation 4

tamashii pyhsical retail release limited rare games playstation 4 cover variant a b www.limitedgamenews.comInspired by obscure Japanese games from the 90s and late 80s, Tamashii is a unique puzzle-platformer set in a distorted world of striking horror and unsettling imagery.
An eldritch entity lurks inside the temple, a disturbing domain of death and danger. A mysterious stranger is summoned to this twisted hell to discover the source of evil that emanates from within. Can you survive the devilish traps, tricky puzzles, and monstrous beings looming in Tamashii’s dark corridors?

Gamer’s/Collector’s info
The purpose of this blog post is to document the strange case of the allegedly now sold out Tamashii physical release by Limited Rare Games.

Wow, here we go again. This has definitely been another Poop Slinger-like I was there and live to tell the tale moment.
We had intended to take more screenshots a day after it started to document the whole situation better, however, some information has now been deleted for good, so we’ll try to go through everything as best as we can by memory and we guess you’ll just have to trust us for everything we can’t find a proof for.

Before we start:
We believe the original web-domain on which Poop Slinger was sold in 2019 – http://www.limitedraregames.com – was bought and repurposed by another party later that same year, although we don’t have any proof to share. We remember visiting it a few times earlier in 2019 and/or 2020. The new owner used it to document the “Poop Slinger incident” and he even offered the domain for sale. The price was too much to acquire it just for one for as much as we remember.
Also, the original Twitter profile – @limitedraregame – seems to have been abandoned a while ago.

All of a sudden, on October 31st 2020, we were informed by various contacts about a new PS4 game on sale: Tamashii. It was advertised on another Twitter profile @ltdraregames and sold via the “original” domain http://www.limitedraregames.com.

Knowing the website was previously presumably hosted by someone else, we were suspicious at first and investigated a bit before deciding whether or not to buy it ourselves.
The cheesy company “logo” – if you can call it that – and the way of communicating certainly were reminiscent of the incident the year before.

One thing we found was odd that in their “contact info” on their website, the location they had posted there was some place in Ireland. Last time Limited Rare Games claimed to have operated from the US and the shipping mailers confirmed that. Now that’s the part for which we don’t have proof for, because if you now click on “Contact” on their website, you only get this:

When Poop Slinger was sold in 2019 and things looked as shady as they did, we didn’t dare to RT or advertise the game because we didn’t want to be responsible for more people falling for a scam. However, when the game actually was delivered to people, we swore to ourselves to handle the situation differently the next time something similar happens.

Despite being unsure based on all the information obtained up to this point, we decided to buy one for ourselves and to RT the original tweet, but with a warning.

People were quick to locate the developer and digital publisher of the game and asked to confirm this was real or not.
The developer is Vikintor from Brazil, the game is published by Digerati.

Clearly at least of them should be able to confirm this and the developer would know about this.
Interestingly, the developer had no clue his game would be sold on physical media and even went so far to warn people not to buy it before the Publisher, Digerati, had confirmed this was real in several tweets like this:

To which Limited Rare Games only had this to say:

Limited Rare Games continued to respond to this matter by posting memes and ignoring the confused audience by showing an alternate cover art work for the game:

(The right cover seemed to get more praise, btw.)
Next, the developer spoke up – saying he got informed the release is legit by the publisher:

And, of course, Limtied Rare Games responded in true Limited Rare Games fashion to some of the tweets, claiming they are the “#7 best publisher in hole world not best liars”:

Then, out of nowhere, they ran a “countdown” on Twitter, posting Halloween related memes every hour like so:

And as if this wasn’t enough, just when people realized the release could actually be real based on the information spread by the dev, their website went down and they called for help of Ivan (allegedly their website admin):

Allegedly, people now REALLY wanted the game and Limited Rare Games gave frequent updates regarding the status:

And when the timer reached zero, they said goodbye and shortly before claimed that “more than 90 games” were sold:

We saw tweets of people claiming they have bought multiple copies, we believe one of them even stated they bought 5 copies. Taking this into account we would think that a lot more than around 90 copies were sold. We’ll probably never know. Will people even get their games? Based on the devs confirmation which confirms the publisher said the release is legit, it’s likely. But we won’t know until people start receiving their games.

This is how their website looked a day after all the above went down:

Price (allegedly it’s sold out now…)
$29.99 + shipping

Pre-order date
It was available to pre-order for a few hours on Oct. 31st 2020

Want the game?
Apparently it sold out – read the whole blog post for details.
It was available here:
Limited Rare Games