Hardcore Mecha [RAG] | Nintendo Switch

Hardcore Mecha for Nintendo Switch

hardcore mecha retail limited run games nintendo switchcover www.limitedgamenews.comHardcore Mecha is a 2D platformer action game, full of enthusiasm for classic robot designs, aiming to maximize the game feel by focusing on the detail and feel of each mecha.
Experience an immersive story with Campaign Mode, which focuses on rich level designs and a seamless transition of gameplay and animation cutscenes. Survival Simulation Mode and Multiplayer Mode will keep the game on after completing the main chapters! Unlock and drive in a total of 42 mechas, upgrade and gain new skills and attributes for an ultimate battle of steel!

Included DLCs:

  • 「Round Hammer Particle Cannon」
  • 「Shepherd Jäger」
  • 「Pilot Pack 1」
  • 「Graeme」
  • 「Mecha Painting Set 1」
  • 「Thunderbolt Otome」

Gamer’s/Collector’s Note
If you prefer an Asian Multi-Language release of the game, that is available too – see >here< for details.

Availability / Price
Limited Edition: 2.800 / 39.99 €

Pre-order date
October 15th, 2020 5 pm CEST

Release date
Q1 2021

Want the game? (mind the pre-order date)
Buy it from Red Art Games