Super Blood Hockey | Nintendo Switch

Super Blood Hockey for Nintendo Switch

super blood hockey retail premium edition games nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comArcade sports gaming gets a shot of adrenaline in Super Blood Hockey, a violent homage to classic 8- and 16-bit ice hockey games. Customize your line-up and take to the ice, using fast-paced skills and bone-crunching brutality to dominate.

This Premium Edition release will come with:

  • region free physical game
  • double-sided insert
  • full color manual
  • a “special” trading card
  • a logo sticker
  • first prints of the game will have a hand-drawn full color glossy slipcase by legendary artist Paul E. Niemeyer of Mortal Kombat Fame!

Availability / Price
open pre-order / $39.95

Pre-order window
opens August 11th, 2020
closes September 22nd, 2020

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