Forgotton Anne | Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

Forgotton Anne for Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

forgotton anne physical release limited run games standard edition ps4 nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comForgotton Anne is a seamless cinematic adventure with a focus on meaningful storytelling and light puzzle platforming. You are Anne, the enforcer who keeps order in the Forgotten Lands, as she sets out to squash a rebellion that might prevent her master, Bonku, and herself from returning to the human world…

There are Collector’s Editions for both systems which come with:

  • the game (region-free)
  • feather quill
  • ink set
  • 4 judgement postcards
  • hardcover artbook
  • original soundtrack

forgotton anne physical release limited run games collectors nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comAvailability / Price
Standard: open pre-order / $34.99
Collector’s Edition Switch: 1.500 / $84.99
Collector’s Edition PS4: 1.000 / $84.99

Pre-order window (Standard Edition)
opens: February 14th, 2020
closes: February 28th, 2020

Pre-order date (Collector’s Edition)
Batch 1: February 14th, 2020 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CET
Batch 2: February 14th, 2020 6pm US Eastern // 24:00 CET

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