The Fox Awaits Me for Nintendo Switch

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The Fox Awaits Me for Nintendo Switch

the fox awaits me retail release asia multi-language nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comThe Fox Awaits Me – If you look well, he’s in the bamboo grove…
Why is he here? Memories are vanishing,
Before your eyes, a wonderful figure appears, she’s a girl with fox ears…
Seems she knows you. When you start to talk with her, memories of peace are getting back. So let’s start a journey into memories with the girl with fox ears.

There is also a Special Edition which comes with:

  • the game
  • “audio drama collection & fox’s information room” special CD
  • opening song “Kitsune Yumi” & ending song “Kirihirake Futari no Sekai” CD
  • autographed drama CD booklet with sheet to enter the present raffle

Standard Edition: $38.99
Special Edition: $72.99

Release date
April 16th, 2020

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