Dark Devotion for Nintendo Switch & PS4

Dark Devotion for Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

dark devotion physical release standard edition limited run games nintendo switch ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comDark Devotion features a richly detailed, immersive narrative that unfolds a sombre tale of your Templar religion’s irresistible calling. Every encounter challenges your fortitude, piety, and conviction as you move deeper into your cursed pilgrimage. Spanning four unique worlds, each with their own incredibly detailed environments, you’ll wield dozens of weapons in your quest to discover the Temple’s secret: all the while assailed by dark enemies and devious bosses whose core mission is to destroy your soul and damn you forever.

dark devotion physical release devoted bundle collectors edition limited run games nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comThere are Collector’s Editions (Devoted Bundle) which include:

  • the game (region free)
  • Steelbook case
  • original soundtrack
  • all in a slipcover

Availability / Price
Standard PS4: open pre-order / $34.99
Standard Switch: open pre-order / $34.99
Classic Edition PS4: 2.000 / $49.99
Classic Edition Switch: 2.000 / $49.99

Pre-order window (Standard Editions)
opens: December 20th, 2019
closes: January 3rd, 2020

Pre-order date (Collector’s Editions)
Batch 1: December 20th, 2019 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CET
Batch 2: December 20th, 2019 6pm US Eastern // 24:00 CET

Want the game? (see pre-order date)
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