Indiecalypse for Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

Indiecalypse for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

indiecalypse physical release kickstarter jandusoft ps4 nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comThree stories, three outcasts, three nerds… and a single destiny: to make the best video game ever. This is the basic premise of Indiecalypse, JanduSoft’s upcoming release, sadly based on actual events.
Indiecalypse depicts the crude reality of indie game developers and their struggles to get their shit together when it comes to releasing a video game.
Three misfits team up to design and produce their own indie game, finding themselves in a path of chaos, self-destruction and resentment. But there’s also space for crude humour, pop culture references, gratuitous and non-gratuitous violence… and fear. Fear of the dozens of lawsuits for copyright infringement, obscenity and profanity we’ll have to face if the game is finally published.

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January 2020

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