Deemo Reborn for PlayStation 4 (PSVR)

Travis strikes again: No More Heroes Complete Edition | PlayStation VR

deemo reborn retail release multi-language psvr ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comMusic and Exploring – Deemo Reborn consists of two Mode; exploring the castle with the little girl, and rhythm games as you play the pieces as Deemo. Exploring the castle will reveal countless puzzles and switches. Solving these will reward you with new sheet music, and playing those, in turn, will widen your options for Exploring. The music part, one of the best things about DEEMO, offers new playstyles in DEEMO -Reborn-, including difficult songs to learn and play.

If you pre-order the Standard Edition, you’ll receive a “Flexy Mirai Charm” crafted by Rayark. *)
The Premium Edition includes a “Metal Key Ring” crafted by Rayark. *)
*) while supplies last!

deemo reborn retail release premium edition multi-language psvr ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comPrice
Standard: $38.99
Premium: $65.99

Release date
November 21st, 2019

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