Dusk Diver for Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

Dusk Diver for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch 

dusk diver retail standard edition asia multi-language nintendo ps4 switch cover limitedgamenews.comDusk Diver is being locally developed in Taiwan and the first game to capture the vibrant and exciting lifestyle of Ximending district, one of the country’s most popular tourist locations. The story starts at Exit 6 of the MRT station Ximending, showing a recreation of its streets in a realistic but fantasized world, rendered in beautiful anime style. From there on, players follow ordinary high school student Yang Yumo and experience her fantasy action-adventure through Ximending and Youshanding, a mirror world with two faces.

dusk-diver-retail-special-limited-edition-asia-multi-language-nintendo-ps4-switch-cover-limitedgamenews.comThere’s a Special Limited Edition that comes with

  • the game
  • tin badge set x7
  • artbook
  • DLC: costume (while supplies last)

Standard: $45.99
Special Limited Edition: $79.99 (PS4) / $81.99 (Switch)

Release date
October 24th, 2019

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