Project LUX for PlayStation 4 (PSVR)

Project LUX for PlayStation VR

proejct lux limited run games ps4 psvr cover limitedgamenews.comFrom the creative mind behind the WORLD END ECONOMiCA series, this title is Spicy Tail’s new adventure adopting HMD in a VR space. Project LUX is a “story-oriented” work for VR, in contrast to recent VR works, which can described as “experience-oriented.” Born from an idea upon reading Dr. Naotaka Fujii’s book, “Kakuchō Suru Nō” (Expanding Brain) in 2014, Project LUX is a VR animated story that puts you in the perspective of the agent as he interacts with Lux.

What will be revealed from reliving the agent’s memory data of what transpired…?

Availability / Price
2.000 // $34.99

Pre-order date
Batch 1: March 27th, 2019 10AM US Eastern // 15:00 CET
Batch 2: March 27th, 2019 6PM US Eastern // 23:00 CET

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