Knights of Pen and Paper Double Pack Nintendo Switch

Knights of Pen and Paper Double Pack for Nintendo Switch
(KoPP +1 Deluxier Edition & KoPP 2 Deluxiest Edition)

knights of pen and paper double pack superraregames nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comChoose from multiple classes, such as knights and mages, pick your characters to control those classes, like grandma or kid brother, and take on the loads of quests, monsters, items and equipment littered throughout Knights of Pen and Paper Double Pack. Blacksmiths, enchanters, mining, gathering, hidden treasures and a whole lot more await, giving players a lot of room to personalise their gameplay experience.

This double pack includes two separate game cartridges in two separate boxes. Each game is separately shrink-wrapped but will come in a slipcover containing both.

Both games come with

  • fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
  • interior art
  • full-colour manual
  • exclusive sticker
  • 3 card trading card pack


Pre-order date
January 24th, 2019
10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm GMT / 7pm CET

Want the game?
Super Rare Games Store – $64.38 + shipping


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