Battle Princess Madelyn for Nintendo Switch

Battle Princess Madelyn for Nintendo Switch

battle princess madelyn multilanguage nintendo switch ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comBattle Princess Madelyn must battle her way through the forces of evil to save her family with the assistance of her previously deceased dog Fritzy!

While training with her father “The Warrior King” for the royal games held at her families castle, the young knight in training, Battle Princess Madelyn is forced back to her village when a storm of fire erupts from the sky. Upon entering the throne room, the guards and her family are struck down by an evil being known as “The Horned Wizard”. In a valiant attempt to save his family, Madelyn’s puppy, Fritzy is mortally wounded by a blast of magic from the wizards skeletal palm. Her family is whisked away before her eyes. She will have to set about rescuing them alone…or will she!

The only option to get a physical English language PS4 version will be through Limited Run Games (either you have backed the Kickstarter campaign earlier or you buy it once regular pre-orders are up on – read the conversation below this tweet HERE for more details).

Release date
December 20th, 2018

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