Valkyria Chronicles 4 for Switch PS4 Xbox One

Valkyria Chronicles 4 for Nintendo Switch and PS4 and Xbox One

Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place in the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, but focuses on Squad E of the Federation. Commander Claude Wallace and his childhood friends set out to fight for freedom in this desperate war, but bone-chilling blizzards, waves of imperial soldiers, and the godlike powers of the Valkyria stand between them and victory.

Release date
US: October 16th, 2018

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US Switch – $59.99 + shipping
EU Switch – $59.99 + shipping
US PS4 – $59.99 + shipping
EU PS4 – $59.99 + shipping
US Xbox One – $59.99 + shipping
EU Xbox One – $59.99 + shipping
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