Flinthook for Nintendo Switch

Flinthook for Nintendo Switch

flinthook limitedrungames.com nintendo switch coverFlinthook is a fast action-platformer with “roguelike” elements. Become space’s greatest pirate with your hookshot, pistol and slowmo powers! Your Chrono Belt slows down time to adjust your aim or pull off a tight stunt – it recharges real quickly so you can use it often and look at least 200% cooler.

Note that this is an open pre-order. Meaning LRG will collect all orders over a period of 2 weeks and then produce as many as they got orders.

Also note that there is a “Tribute Treasure Box” (limited to 3.000 worldwide). You can pre-order this as usual in 2 batches on April 23rd (1st batch 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CET, 2nd batch 6PM US Eastern // 24:00 CET) and includes following things:

  • Switch Limited Run #2: Mercenary Kings (reversible cover and comic book)
  • Switch Limited Run #3: Flinthook (reversible cover and manual)
  • Official Tribute Treasure Box SteelBook® that can hold both games
  • Mercenary Kings Physical Soundtrack CD
  • Flinthook Physical Soundtrack CD
  • Double sided 18 x 24 inch Flinthook poster
  • Double sided 18 x 24 inch Mercenary Kings poster

$29.99 + shipping

Pre-order period
Pre-order period opens April 23rd 10:00AM US Eastern and ends May 7th 11:59PM US Eastern

Want the game? (see pre-order period)
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