Immortal Unchained for PS4 & Xbox One

Immortal Unchained for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

immortal unchained sold out games real ps4 coverYou are a living weapon. Unwillingly unchained by the Warden, the player’s skills are put to the test, given only the instruction that they must stop the end of the world. With a story the player must piece together themselves, the central character sets off with no memory of their past.

Other characters in Immortal Unchained may shed light on the situation, but the reality is not always clear, as characters are always operating on their own agendas. Use your diverse arsenal of ranged and melee weapons to clear your path as you explore dark sci-fi interconnected worlds in your quest for truth and salvation.

Note: Not confirmed, but it SEEMS as if this is a European only physical release.

$49.99 + shipping

Release date
Q2 2018

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Xbox One
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