Wonder Boy Dragons Trap for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Wonder Boy Dragons Trap for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

wonder boy dragons trap nicalis arc system works ps4 nintendo switch coverThe Classic Adventure Wonder Boy Dragons Trap reimagined for a new generation!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a beautifully drawn and animated remake of the unforgettable Sega Master System game Wonder Boy III. The game’s developer, Lizardcube, reverse-engineered the original game in order to faithfully replicate the character movements, item drop logic, secret door locations and much more. Nicalis and DotEmu are teaming up to publish physical retail editions of the game for Switch and PS4.

The Nicalis release will come with (limited time only}:

  • Instruction Booklet
  • Soundtrack Sampler
  • Lizard-Man PVC strap

Release date
Ark System Works Asia PS4: Jul 27th, 2017
Ark System Works Asia Switch: Nov 23rd, 2017
Nicalis US: Feb 13th, 2018
Nicalis EU: Apr 20th, 2018

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Switch Asia (Multi-Language) $34.99 + shipping
Switch US $39.99 + shipping
Switch EU $39.99 + shipping
PS4 Asia (Multi-Language) $24.99 + shipping
PS4 US $39.99 + shipping
PS4 EU $39.99 + shipping


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