VR Fun Pack for PlayStation 4

VR Fun Pack for PlayStation 4 (PlayStation VR)

vr fun pack oasis games ps4 coverGet ready to take action with four of the most thrilling games that only VR can offer you in VR Fun Pack by Oasis Games for PSVR!
In Chinese and English.

Weeping Doll
Search the home, scour every room and scrutinize over every detail to piece together the story that has been kept locked away.

Dying: Reborn
Roam around freely in the dark world of DYING: Reborn and make sure you don’t forget where you are, playing a game… or locked up in one of the many rooms you have to escape from…

Pixel Gear
A pixel-style VR shoot-em-up game with a variety of humorous cartoon monsters and ghosts as enemies. Use your skills and weapons to defeat them, gain energy and apply your skills wisely to slow down the time and load infinite bullets. Observe the environment carefully. Do not miss the ghosts with stealth abilities as they can supply tons of magical items to help you. Keep on shooting, on the pixel battlefield!

Light Tracer
A VR platform puzzler in which the player is a godlike creature who has to guide a princess in despair up to the enormous Tower of Bellbatis.

Around 30 € plus shipping

Release date
Already released! Get it now!

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