Gang Beasts for PlayStation 4

Gang Beasts for PlayStation 4

gang beasts iam8bit exclusive ps4 coverGang Beasts is a multiplayer rarity; a riotous, good-natured gummy creature death brawl. As if culled from a Candyland horror show, surely, gelatinous characters battle it out in brutal, melee fights and absurdly hazardous environments. Gasp with shock and delight at the spectacle of stupid, pugnacious thugs punching, kicking and throwing their foes into hilarious mechanisms of demise: flaming incinerator pits, ginormous industrial fans, unattended (and cantankerous) ferris wheels, shoddy building scaffolds, commercial haulage tru– well, anyway… you get the idea. It’s a friendly romp, sure to make you smile, shout and childishly giggle ’til you pee.

Finally, the price is $29.99 plus shipping.

Release date
Pre-orders started December 12th, 2018. Get it while it’s hot!

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