Resident Evil Revelations Collection for Nintendo Switch

Resident Evil Revelations Collection for Nintendo Switch

resident evil revelations collection nintendo switch CoverResident Evil Revelations Collection is not the game we usually inform about since the franchise is well known. There is something special about this release though that we think you should know. First of all, it contains two games. Revelations 1 and 2. Unfortunately, however, only part 1 is playable from the cartridge. Hence part 2 is DLC only. All DLC for the two games is available for free, which is nice.
It seems this physical release is exclusive to the US. Therefore it is easily missable by anyone outside of the US.
For all special features that come with the Nintendo Switch version, please check the trailer linked below.

Furthermore, the price is around 35 € plus shipping.

Release date
November, 28th 2017

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