How to use coupons at Play-Asia

Prerequisites to enter a coupon code

  • Minimum order value $20!
  • No digital codes!
  • You have to use the Play-Asia checkout. No option to enter a coupon when using PayPal.

If you follow above prerequisites, you can use the following coupon for 5% off your total order:


1. In your cart, click on “Checkout”. (PayPal checkout = no coupon!)

2. Enter your address and stuff, then click on “Continue Checkout”.

3. Choose your preferred shipping option, then click on “Continue Checkout”.

4. Check if you can find “Coupon” in the bottom left corner and click it. If it isn’t there, you probably have a discounted item in your cart and coupons cannot be used with this order.

5. Enter the coupon and continue the checkout. 🙂
Coupon code: LGN