Cassette Beasts | Nintendo Switch

Cassette Beasts for Nintendo Switch

Collect awesome monsters to use during turn-based battles in this open-world RPG, now with online multiplayer mode.

Combine any two monster forms using Cassette Beasts’ Fusion System to create unique and powerful new ones!

The game comes with:

  • fully assembled Nintendo Switch game with cartridge
  • interior art
  • full-colour manual
  • exclusive sticker
  • 3 card trading card pack

There’s a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition.
The latter comes with:

  • the game (region-free)
  • beautiful full color hardcover artbook
  • 80s vibe CD soundtrack composed by Joel Baylis
  • awesome iron-on logo patch
  • full set of trading cards, including the most collectable shiny trading card
  • bespoke full color manual and SRG game sticker
  • sticker sheet
  • all enclosed in an exclusive deluxe edition box

Availability / Price
Standard: 5.000 / £36.00 GBP
Collector’s Edition: 3.000 / £67.20 GBP

Pre-order date
June 6th, 2024
10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST / 7pm CEST

Release date
Late July/Early August 2024

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