Custom Mech Wars | PlayStation 5

Custom Mech Wars for PlayStation 5

Take customization to the extreme with the Omega Customization System and battle with one-of-a-kind combat units in this all-new third-person shooter mecha game.

Freely build mechs with all kinds of designs and parameters, no matter how unconventional—the only limit is your imagination. Take, for instance, the Full Weapon Bot, armed to the teeth with ten rifles and ten missiles; the Asuro Bot, equipped for battle with three heads and six arms; the Motor Bot, mounted with several bazookas; and the Bipedal Tank, a combat vehicle with legs.

Deploy your custom mechs and battle against fleets of oncoming enemies. Collect parts from the destroyed enemies for further customization. Then, take your highly personalized mechs on ever more challenging missions.

The battlefield extends online, where you can join forces with other players to complete co-op missions. Awe your friends with your endlessly imaginative customizations.

Your creativity will throw fuel on the fire of this mecha-based conflict. The grand battle of Omega Customized mecha starts here, in Custom Mech Wars!


December 14th, 2023

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