Akka Arrh | PlayStation 4/5 & Nintendo Switch

Akka Arrh for PlayStation 4/5 Nintendo Switch

A cascade of words, color, shapes and sound flows around your turret as you desperately fight off swarms of inbound attackers.
If enemies penetrate your perimeter you need to zoom into close range combat and beat them back, adjusting to a completely different perspective in the blink of an eye.
Welcome to Jeff Minter’s Akka Arrh.

This modern take from the fine developers at Llamasoft combines the intrigue of an incredibly rare Atari arcade prototype with a unique creative vision that delivers a wave shooter that is insanely addictive.
Akka Arrh drips with Minter’s sense of humor, love of psychedelic color, and ability to create games that are a joy to play.

There are Standard Editions and there are Deluxe Editions for each system which come with:

  • physical copy of the game (region free)
  • Deluxe Edition plastic case
  • sticker sheet
  • art cards
  • enamel pin

Availability / Price
Standard Editions: open pre-order / $34.99
Deluxe Editions: open pre-order / $64.99

Pre-order window
opens: March 10th, 2023
closes: April 9th, 2023

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