Rabi Ribi for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita

Rabi Ribi for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita

Rabi Ribi is a 2D exploration platformer that focuses on non-linear gameplay. You play as the bunny girl Erina, who focuses on close quarters combat. Ribbon the fairy is the ranged attacker who follows Erina’s lead.
Can you survive the bullet hell boss battles? Can Erina turn back to being a bunny?! With over 40 boss battles, over 50 upgrades to your moveset and secret game modes, Rabi Ribi is the most adorably dangerous game you’ll experience in a long time!

Each copy of the game comes with a physical soundtrack CD in a printed sleeve.

PS4: 2.500
Vita: 2.800

$29.99 each + shipping

Pre-order date
1st batch: November 9th, 2018 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CET
2nd batch: November 9th, 2018 6PM US Eastern // 24:00 CET

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